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We care about the environment we live and work in, and are taking steps to ensure our impact is as small as possible. We do this by:

Compostable packaging materials

  • Our signature kraft paper bags for our products are compostable and biodegradable, including the plastic liner that is made from cornstarch.
  • Our orders are shipped in cardboard cartons, which are recyclable or compostable.
  • Our carry bags we use at markets are made from recycled paper.
  • We’re switching to environmentally-friendly paper-based compostable packing tape also, and only using plastic-based packing tape when absolutely required.
  • We use newspaper to fill the excess voids in our parcels rather than bubble-wrap or foam beans. We’re also investigating the use of even more eco-friendly fillers such as popcorn (we’ll actually pop it on-site).
  • Where we use plastic bags for some products (fish treats, cow toes, etc.) we use Multix Greener bags that contain no PVC or plasticisers and are BPA free. They’re degradable and break down when exposed to the environment.
  • We’re working with our suppliers to find a better solution for our shrink-wrapped products (bones, paddywhacks, bullysticks).

Carbon offsets

  • We reduce our energy use, reduce our carbon use by buying ‘green power’, and offset the carbon we do generate by investing in the planting of native vegetation both on our own farm and across Australia.
  • To date, we’ve planted more than 650 native trees, shrubs, and herbage here at our farm as we rehabilitate the property and provide more habitat for native fauna.
  • We choose to use courier services who also have a commitment to being carbon-neutral, such as Australia Post, who have advanced programs in place to reduce carbon emissions and to purchase carbon offsets to match their remaining emissions.