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Deleted product – shark cartilage

Many shark species are critically endangered or vulnerable, including many Australian sharks, and we could not establish with certainty the species caught that supplied our product. There’s also a global move against products made from endangered species (we couldn’t sell cartilage via google for this reason). Given we strive to be as environmentally friendly as …

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New stamps

We’re starting to shift from little white labels on the front to something more rustic and in line with our brand. The baked cookie range is shifting now, and the dried treats will change over the coming few months.

people treats

We’re doing people treats too! If you order online we’ll include a pack of treats just for you. 

New oven

Our new commercial oven is up and running – bigger and faster = better-baked treats coming your way!


Market day! 5am bagging of freshly-baked treats. Now to get to Murrumbateman Village Market to set up 😁

New mixer

Just a small batch of cheese & bacon dough to test out the new mixer. Loving it! Now for full production runs 🙂

New equipment

If only kitchen supply companies had Christmas sales – picking up our new commercial mixer and commercial oven. At ~100kg each, the fun part will be getting them off the trailer and into the kitchen 😂

water play

We may not have a lot of water left in our tanks, but for 30mins once a week we run the sprinkler on the lawn – and the birds flock in for a bathe. First, the magpies wander around the grass singing and fluffing themselves, then the parrots come in, followed by the cockatoos. The …

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Our willie wagtails

So nothing to do with our pet treats, except these little guys chose to nest right outside our kitchen door 🙂 5 October – the nest started collecting spider webs They left the nest for a while, then rebuilt it and by 24 Nov were sitting on eggs 6 December there were babies who grew, …

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Flat rate shipping

Whether you buy one pack or twenty, our flat rate shipping price applies Australia-wide. We ship via Australia Post with full tracking.