• Deleted product – shark cartilage

    Many shark species are critically endangered or vulnerable, including many Australian sharks, and we could not establish with certainty the species caught that supplied our product.

    There’s also a global move against products made from endangered species (we couldn’t sell cartilage via google for this reason).

    Given we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible (compostable/biodegradable packaging, being carbon-neutral, etc.), we made this call.

    We now stock Salmon Chew, and will soon stock another fish-based product once our stock of shark cartilage sells out..

  • Angus

    Tonight’s happy customer, Angus, is from Bundaberg. We ship Australia-wide from our web store.

  • Moo tube heaven

    This little guy loves his Farmhouse Pet Treats moo tube!

  • My Buddy Box opening

    My Buddy Box open this Saturday, our treats look great on their shelves! 😍

    Check out My Buddy Box at the Niche Markets @ Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets

  • Shep and Rosie

    “Do we have to choose just one?”
    More happy customers 😍

  • New stamps

    We’re starting to shift from little white labels on the front to something more rustic and in line with our brand. The baked cookie range is shifting now, and the dried treats will change over the coming few months.

  • people treats

    We’re doing people treats too! If you order online we’ll include a pack of treats just for you. 

  • New oven

    Our new commercial oven is up and running – bigger and faster = better-baked treats coming your way!

  • 5am

    Market day! 5am bagging of freshly-baked treats. Now to get to Murrumbateman Village Market to set up 😁

  • New mixer

    Just a small batch of cheese & bacon dough to test out the new mixer. Loving it! Now for full production runs 🙂

  • New equipment

    If only kitchen supply companies had Christmas sales – picking up our new commercial mixer and commercial oven. At ~100kg each, the fun part will be getting them off the trailer and into the kitchen 😂

  • Jupiter

    Another happy customer, Jupiter from Toowoomba. Even her catmates got into the treats!